Hunting entity «Belaya Tropa» Limited Liability Company was founded in 2006. It is located in the Western part of Belarus in the territory of Mosty district, Grodno region. The entity’s total area amounts to 100.0 thousand ha; 38.5 thousand ha of them are forest lands, 55.2 thousand ha are farm lands, and 6.3 thousand ha are wetlands. The hunting lodge with all modern conveniences is located in a small village of Mosty district, in the center of hunting area surrounded by forestry, 300 meters away from the Shchara River which flows into the Neman River 10 km downstream.

The Republic of Belarus is situated in the very center of Europe, bordering in the West on the Republic of Poland, in the North-West on the Republic of Lithuania, in the North and North-East on the Russian Federation, and in the South and South-East on the Ukraine.

Belarus has excellent conditions for those who wish to try their luck in hunting. Sporting right in Belarus is granted to foreigners if they have respective hunting documents issued in the country of residence.

«Belaya Tropa» Limited Liability Company offers:

  • visa support (application for entry into the Republic of Belarus and visa procurement)
  • execution of documents for carriage of arms and ammunition
  • meeting at the border crossing
  • escorting to the place of destination and back
  • hunting license
  • organization of the hunt: qualified jaegers, provision of transportation, preparation of the hunting place, trophy preparation for transportation
  • execution of export documents for the obtained trophies (district veterinary certificates, an international veterinary certificate)
  • accommodation at the hunting lodge with full infrastructure
Cost of services for foreign citizens:

Spring open season 2024 with «Belaya tropa» limited liability company

Hunting schedule:

  • goose from the 2nd Saturday of March till the 2nd Sunday of May and from the 3rd Saturday of September till the 2nd Sunday of December;
  • woodcock, mallard (drakes) from the 1st Saturday of April till the 2nd Sunday of May.

Hunting time: goose and drake in daylight, woodcock from 6 p.m. till 10 p.m.

Fishing 2024 with «Belaya tropa» limited liability company

«Belaya Tropa» Limited Liability Company invites all fans of fishing and those who would like to rest in comfortable wooden cottages with all modern conveniences to visit the lake in Mikhelevshchina village, Mosty District. There are altogether six cottages, each with 2 double beds, running water, WC, shower cabin, mini-kitchen, and a refrigerator. We also provide facilities for cooking fish broth and shish kebab.

The lake’s area is 13.7 ha; the stocking ensures high density of fish, as well as good trophy fish over 7 — 8 kg.

The price of a single voucher for one day per one fisher-amateur amounts to 80,000 rubles (with limitation of catching up to 5 kg), except for one caught fish over 5 kg. Fishers-amateurs are allowed to fish throughout the year. Contact phone number for fishing: +375 44 458 40 82 (Mikhail Ivanovich).

Those who wish to rent a house pay 180,000 rubles per 24 hours.

We are looking forward to cooperate with companies in organizing of fishing events.

Hunting Trail Map «White Path»


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